I got bit

Today was the first time in my life that I had been bitten by a dog. Never before in all of my years did I imagine that I would ever be bitten. I was simply going to pet a dog that I saw when I was walking my dog. I guess he didn’t want to be pet.

With that said, here’s reasons why dogs bite / attack so others won’t go through the same thing:

1. unfixed (not spayed, not neutered)

2. unsocialized and inexperienced (dogs kept chained up 24/7 and never portion of the loved ones)

3. abused (puppies dealt with cruelly, hurt personally, verbally and / or found in harmful ways*)

4. sick (a dog which is hurt or unwell)

5. mamas with young puppies (be aware of mamas protecting their babies)

6. roaming in packs (dogs roaming the streets without any human guardian)

7. kept on your own with children (Never ever depart a dog on your own having a kid, Never ever)

8. an unidentified canine (a dog that is not recognized to you). Become familiar with your dog slowly, through a fencing, perhaps or using the owner/guardian.

If the owner/guardian of a dog says that their dog is mean or vicious or whatever, BELIEVE THEM, LISTEN Up. They Understand their pet, so Be careful.

Remember to observe that in Not one of the over circumstances are breeds mentioned. Vicious, attack or bite another dog or a human being, because ANY dog can be mean. And stats show that the dogs that do bite and / or strike are dogs in all and any from the categories shown over.

This is why breed Specific Legislation does not work because bans and BSL target various breeds of dogs. In fact it is not since a dog is actually a particular breed of dog which a canine bites or assaults. This is due to of the warning sign factors above. There can also be genetic imbalances and chemistry in dogs that make them behave or reply in vicious methods (given birth to using a flaw).

*Puppies that are overbred, used in dog combating, used as lure dogs as well as other these kinds of situations can be used into the abused category).

Better to be secure than sorry. Assess every canine on an personal basis and know dog’s body words and the warning signs previously mentioned. These will allow you to become responsible, able and prepared to stop dog attacks and bites. Make sure you share and teach others.